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What a great group of people! Our pilot Geoff was experienced and as safety minded as one could get. His command of the ballon made us feel very secure, which allowed us to just enjoy the beauty of the experience. The ground crew was amazing as well. They helped us feel welcomed while displaying great competence in the handling of the ballon! The experience was just amazing. The crew did everything to make it special, because it was special (she said yes)!!!! I totally recommend Sky Sail for your next adventure!

Ken G

Source: Facebook

Just went up today it was an awesome time they really make it a special occasion.

Brenda S

Source: Facebook

Our experience with Sky Sail started more than 20 years ago with a sightseeing flight over Chautauqua Lake. We had such a great time, we started volunteering as crew members and have continued ever since. The pilot has more than 30 years of experience. Our equipment is inspected each year. The focus is always on safety for everyone involved. Weather is a huge factor in deciding whether to fly or not, and while it might be disappointing to have to postpone, it's always better to be on the ground wishing we were in the air than in the air wishing to be on the ground. Join us for a dream fulfilling experience of a lifetime!

Lew M

Source: Google

Absolutely amazing! Geoff and his crew were wonderful. I wasn't expecting this adventure to be anywhere near as amazing as it was. Our original date was canceled due to the weather. But Geoff was wonderful and called us with a cancelation and asked if we wanted to go that night. The ride was more than just a take off and a landing. It was filled with wonderful knowledge and great conversation. I'm going to stop there cause I don't want to give away any surprises! But I will say by the end of the trip, I didn't feel like a customer, I felt like I had known everyone for years. This was an adventure of a lifetime, and something I would love to do time and time again. I would, and am going to, recommend this to anyone that will listen!

Kristina S

Source: Google

Jeff and his team were great! Professional, fun, safe, and educational. This was a once in a lifetime experience and Sky Sail did the best job we could have asked for.

Z. G.

Source: Yelp